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Published on April, 13th, 2023

The world, especially when we talk about digital experiences, is changing faster and faster. A few years ago, offering digital marketing services such as paid media, inbound marketing and content management was the great avenue of growth for digital agencies. Until the ocean started to turn red. New agencies being born every day, competing for the same client and media prices skyrocketing are just some of the challenges.

But in the last 2 years, a new technology is creating opportunities for digital agencies to go back to the blue ocean: Web 3.0


Companies are realizing that the way they relate to their customers and prospects is changing. The relationship that was previously done through traditional digital marketing methods, such as inbound and outbound marketing, is now starting to be done through the creation of communities.

Communities bring the brand much closer to its customers, which increases engagement and, consequently, sales.

Okay, but where does Web3.0 fit into this story?

Web3.0 offers endless possibilities for companies to engage their communities. Starbucks, for example, launched a collection of NFTs that give shoppers access to exclusive workshops about their coffees, entry to brand events and even a trip to Costa Rica to see the farm where their coffee is grown.

Another recent example of how a large company has used NFTs to engage its community is the case of Apple. In November 2021, Apple released a limited collection of NFTs called "Proof of Culture", in collaboration with digital art company, Rhizome. The collection of NFTs featured 10 unique digital artworks that celebrated Apple's tech culture and history.

The NFTs in the "Proof of Culture" collection were one of a kind and provided buyers with access to exclusive features such as a live conversation with one of the artists and a private tour of the computer museum at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California. The sale of NFTs from the "Proof of Culture" collection helped increase Apple's community engagement with its brand and tech culture in general, as well as raising money for the non-profit organization Rhizome, which supports digital artists.


Sonica has a very clear goal: to make Web3.0 popular and accessible worldwide. And how can we accomplish this? Bringing more companies and creators into the ecosystem. Through Catalysts, we want to leverage digital agencies, providing the possibility of a new source of revenue and, at the same time, bringing more companies to Web3.0.

Sonica partners have access to an intuitive, no-code platform (no code required), which gives freedom for anyone to create and launch their projects on Web3.0, from a collection of NFTs to creating their own metatarsus. This allows our partners to serve their customers directly, without having to outsource the service, which drastically reduces their margins. In addition, Catalyst also comprises a Web3.0 knowledge center, where you will have all the training and support you need to launch projects that will make your customers' eyes shine.

Apply now for Catalysts, and boost your agency.


Web 3.0 is creating new opportunities for digital agencies by shifting marketing methods from inbound/outbound to community building. Companies like Starbucks and Apple have used NFTs to increase community engagement and brand loyalty. Sonica's Catalysts program aims to make Web 3.0 accessible by bringing more businesses and creators into the ecosystem. By joining Catalysts, agencies can create and launch Web 3.0 projects for clients, reduce outsourcing costs, and differentiate themselves from the competition. Adapting and innovating with Web 3.0 is crucial for businesses to stay ahead, and Catalysts is an excellent opportunity for agencies to do so.

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