Have you ever thought about having your own OpenSea? Create without strings attached, through a simple, completely no-code platform.

Easy to use

In a completely no-code platform, the CREATOR can express its full potential to generate unique experiences in assets on the blockchain of their choice, quickly, with quality and with great security.


Respecting the principles of Web3, Sonica platform is configured to serve in a decentralized and non-custodial manner, that is, the CREATOR owns their assets and can take their NFTs and Tokens wherever they want. All of this with the powerful of Ethereum and Polygon networks.

All in one

With the Sonica platform, the creative finds everything they need in one place, designing Web3 projects through their own digital portfolio, generating NFTs for a variety of applications, already integrated with performance features in our powerful website builder.

Tokens and NFTs for


Dev Friendly APIs powering all things NFT within Gaming & Enterprise apps/ platforms


SaaS Tools for adding layers of security, interoperability, & reliability to NFTs.


Infrastructure to enable any enterprise to launch their NFT brand in a few hours.

Wallet of your choice

We support multiple wallets. Choose among metaverse favorites like MetaMask, WalletConnect & Fortmatic.

Create your Collection

Set up and Create as many collections as you want.

Add your NFTs

Customize your NFTs with properties, stats, and unlockable content.

List Items for Sale

Decide if you want to auction your NFTs or sell them at a fixed rate to gain maximum value.

Setup your own store

Reflect your brand ethos through your customized store name and logo.

Add Custom domain

Add your own domain name to your NFT store and drive traffic to your brand.

Configure SEO Settings

You can configure meta tags, robot.txt, JSON schema, RSS feed, sitemap and more.

Customize UI

Capture your brand's style in your NFT store with our custom UI feature.


Enable personal information support for individual buyers to comply with your local laws.

Fiat Currency Support

Enable your buyers to purchase NFTs directly using Elo, Mastercard and Visa.

Preferred Blockchain

Select from Ethereum, Polygon & Binance Smartchain to mint and sell your NFTs.

Integrate CRM

Integrate your own CRM to connect user records of your OG fans.


Multiple analytical reports for you to understand the growth of your business.


Our primary learning center is free & always active. Get all your queries answered.

Webhooks and APIs

Webhooks & APIs that smoothly integrate into your native backend system.

Other verticals